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New Treatment System Wellpure Improves Quality of Water and Plant Life

Wellpure is an innovative water treatment system proven to enhance plant quality and growth

Wellspring Water Technologies has unveiled “Wellpure” - the first “green” water treatment system. This new system is designed to treat water, which in turn enhances soil – resulting in improved plant growth and more robust plants.

To learn more about Wellpure, see https://goo.gl/MnOpYq

There is no denying that poor water quality is a growing concern for many Americans. Municipal water sources are becoming scarce and more expensive, while groundwater sources contain salts that are detrimental to plant growth. The thought process behind the creation of Wellpure is simple: a sustainable water treatment system will improve the quality of water and therefore enhance plant growth.

Although the technology is brand new and not fully understood, Wellpure's performance is backed by scientific data that supports it. For example, when compared to control groups of plants exposed to untreated water, the water treated with Wellpure resulted in taller plants with longer root lengths and an increased number of leaves. What's more, when treated with the Wellpure system, less water was required to grow the plants despite the fact that they were flourishing.

This system brings a number of exciting ramifications to the table. With Wellpure, less fertilizer is required to make plants thrive, and half of the water typically needed to nourish plants can be used. Plants absorb more nutrients and water, improving their quality, and salts and hard water scale deposits are flushed away and eliminated.

True to the green living philosophy, the system is fully sustainable: no chemicals or electricity are required. There are no moving parts, and the system doesn't produce any waste.

Although the research on Wellpure is certainly encouraging, the limits of its new technology are not yet entirely understood. This fact, coupled with the growing pains associated with addressing problems like water shortages and hard water means that the concept will need additional funding to lift off the ground.

A Kickstarter campaign has been established to obtain this funding. With the help of donors, the creators of Wellpure hope to revolutionize water treatment.

About Wellspring Water Technologies:

Wellspring Water Technologies is a company spearheaded by an inventor as well as a biotech industry veteran. Based out of Escondito, California, this young company has completed close to one hundred separate installations of five different product versions.

They produce water treatment systems that can be used in the whole house, the pool, home gardens and more. To learn more about Wellpure, please visit https://goo.gl/MnOpYq.

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