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How to Get Amazing Reviews

It's Never Been Easier to Build a Stellar Online Reputation

Are you wondering why you are struggling with traditional advertising? Why that expensive SEO and branding team aren't delivering? The reason is, advertising isn't the same as it was just a decade ago – no matter how high you rank on the search engines.

Advertising Today

At one time, we sat through disruptive television and radio ads. Had a problem with the new brand changes in Coca Cola? Good luck getting them to listen!

Enter the internet. In today's day and age, customers call the shots. To succeed online, you must engage with the customer. Not a lot of your competitors realize this and it's a great opportunity to capitalize on. Engaging with the customer, instead of talking at them, is your key to success.

We Are Now Living In a Review Economy

90% of Prospects Read a Review Before Deciding to Purchase

Think you are in control of your business? Think Again:

  • Make the wrong hire once, and you might be dealing with a slew of unhappy reviews in just a short period of time, bringing down the average of those great reviews you worked so hard to earn.

  • One bad day at a busy time can lead to an influx of more unhappy reviews, warning prospects to never come to your business.

  • Customers may pass over your business because you don't have the time to deliver organic social media to multiple locations.

You Control Every Aspect of Your Business – Except Customer Reviews

Here's a short list of factors that can make or break your business completely that is in customer control:

  • Customers control the online perception of your brand through discussion on forums and review sites.

  • They can create Facebook, Yelp and other reviews that remain active forever.

  • They can post anything they want on your social pages – one disgruntled or unstable customer can bring down the average of your reviews.

You might be wondering where to even start building your reputation with reviews.

Reinforcements are on the way. With our new app *APP* to assist you, you can:

  • Get more positive reviews.

  • Drive negative reviews down, even prevent them.

  • Gain a team of Brand Agents – loyal customers who always have your back.

  *COMPANY* to the Rescue!

Take Back Control With *APP*

  • Easy Social Management – Automate social management with organic reviews

  • Unique Insight and Knowledge – Figure out what your customers like best and do more of it

  • Increase your Reputation – Post reviews directly to your website, social sites, and brand pages

Track Your Success

  • Access your own personal home page on your app with stats

  • Track reviews as they come in

  • Recent bug and UI fixes mean reliability and ease of use

Why is Social Proof Important?

Ever wondered why empty restaurants seat you at the window? Or why cafe baristas “prime” their tip jars at the beginning of the morning with dollar bills before the cafe even opens? Why popular dance clubs keep people waiting outside in line even though there is ample space inside? Because human beings do what other humans do.

You can continue what you're doing. Scrambling to produce unique social content, letting strangers dictate how much business you do, hoping your new hire that just received training worked out, or you can take back control. You can capture real life, organic customer reviews at ground zero – your business. It's your business – the choice is yours.

What You Get When You Watch Our Demo

-See how the app functions in real time to give you solutions to your business problems.

-See how specific business problems you may have like zero customer reviews or low review scores get solved in real time.

-Get exclusive access to a product demo that shows the ins and outs of the app and how it will solve your problems. We don't just show exact functionality in detail to just anyone. Get a deep dive into how it works!

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