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High Converting Landing Page

Do you find yourself scrambling to find information about your prospects and customers? Do you know you are running a great business, but still scratch your head about increasing customer referrals, social media likes and grabbing feedback? You can thank the internet for these problems.

When it Comes to Gathering Data and Engaging a Crowd, Content Doesn't Cut It

Once upon a time on the internet, prospects and customers happily handed over information in return for a white paper, an eBook, or a free quote. Your competitor saw how easy it was to get this data, and put up his own white paper, eBook or quote. Then your competitor's competitor began soliciting prospects for information in return for content.

Flash forward to now: Free content just doesn't convince customers to engage with you or offer up their information anymore. Enter *APP* brought to you by *COMPANY*.

Game the System with *APP’s* Contest, Giveaway and Survey Builder

Everybody loves contests, giveaways and putting their two cents in with surveys. Instead of chasing prospects and customers to give your information and collect emails, these interactive experiences will have your audience chomping at the bit to engage and tell you about themselves.

What's more, they will walk away feeling great about your business, appreciate your request for their opinion, anticipating a giveaway or dreaming about winning a contest.

With *App*, brought to you by *COMPANY*, you can:

  • Subscribe to our monthly service and craft giveaways, surveys and contests yourself.

  • Have *COMPANY* create an interactive landing page for you one time.

  • Select your own information fields, pick out your own prize, and design your own landing page, no matter what service you choose.

The choice is yours – you are in complete control.

Some ideas on how to engage with your audience and have them walk away feeling great about you: 

  • Host a giveaway where participants take selfies with your product or service and upload them to social media. This is an organic social media advertisement – straight from your customers.

  • Sponsor a contest where prospects and customers can enter once or multiple times. If they enter multiple times, that means increased engagement – and you can pinpoint who your most engaged customers are.

  • Create a dynamic survey that informs customers they have been specially chosen to answer questions. Give them the opportunity to answer strategic questions, and assure them that their feedback will help you improve your service. This boosts morale and leaves your customers feeling like their opinions specifically matter to you.

Customers and Prospects Will Feel More Motivated to Engage with You Than Ever Before

  • Increase likes. With *APP's* giveaways, you can offer extra bonuses for likes on social media or even reviews.

  • Obtain customer feedback. When a customer completes a survey, not only will you gather important information on your audience; you will also get important feedback on what works and what doesn't so you can improve your service.

  • Encourage Customer Referrals. With *APP’s* contests, you can offer additional chances to win when a customer recommends the contest to other people in their network. This exponentially raises the amount of data you collect on prospects and drastically increases engagement.

Stop Broadcasting About Yourself, And Focus on Your Customers

The beauty of *COMPANY* is that prospects and customers come to you. No more chasing down leads to collect information you desperately need to target your marketing.

Because you are giving your audience the opportunity to win a contest, obtain a giveaway or you are giving them a platform to voice their opinion, they will be more than happy to engage with you

This is much more exciting and effective than a free e-book or whitepaper.

Collect Important Data That Can Help you Target Leads and Turn Your Customers into Fans

  • Learn about your customers when they fill out forms that you select. Any piece of data you want to learn about can be included in the forms.

  • The information fields your customers and prospects fill out to sign up for the contest, giveaway or survey are completely up to you. *COMPANY* realizes that every business has different needs, so we refine our services for your specific business.

Segment that Data and Build Out Sophisticated Email Lists and Demographic Profiles

  • Collect customer emails that they will be happy to provide in exchange for participation in contests, giveaways, and surveys.

  • Dynamic forms change questions asked based on the answers your audience gives, allowing you to fine tune the data you collect so you can effectively segment your customers and prospects.

  • Search, filter and export profiles based on the data provided, allowing you to build or flesh out your target audience's demographics allowing you to provide even more targeted marketing in the future.

  • Take this information and save money by improving your targeting, boost sales by making your web copy more strategic, and enjoy more influence online with increased likes, referrals, and engagement.

Engage Your Audience at Every Level of the Marketing Funnel

  • Prospects will be excited to join in the fun, entering information and engaging with the page

  • Turn these prospects into qualified leads by using the data you collect to send out emails, tailor social media campaigns, and content.

  • Customers will become fans after they realize they are important to you and will refer others to your business, turning them into evangelists.

A Little Bit About Us – The Proof is in the Pudding

*APP* has enhanced more than 7,000 campaigns, generated 3,000,000 leads, and convinced 95% of audiences to voluntarily answer questions because they are so excited to participate in interactive, enjoyable experiences.

Are you tired of chasing down leads, getting lost in a flurry of content offerings and feeling defeated by your lack of engagement? Let your audience come to you with *APP* and put yourself on the fast track to success.

You won't be disappointed, and neither will your customers and prospects.

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