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At *LOCATION*, we believe in a world where young men and women aged 13-17 can take respite in our community – a peaceful environment of their own in which they can receive exceptional care and hold hope for a healthy future.

Just a Hop Skip and a Jump Away

Our state of the art residential treatment facility is located in Union County, tucked away inside in the rolling mountains of Marshville ***, 45 minutes east of *TOWN*.

An Entire Team at Your Service

The multi-disciplinary staff of *COMPANY* is comprised of psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychosocial specialists, teachers, behavioral and physical health experts, and educators who together share a passion and a mission of collaborative care.

  • With unrelenting hope, we aim to provide adolescents with behavioral and emotional challenges exceptional support and treatment.

  • The warm, comforting environment of our residential center provides a place for compassionate, understanding staff.

  • Each individualized treatment plan and use of our evidence-based treatment methods ensure that our residents will receive the most exemplary care.

Everybody needs somebody to talk to.

Teens need someone who will listen first with an open mind. *COMPANY* opened to reach out to adolescents dealing with the overwhelming feelings brought on by trauma.

At our facility, we believe that in the therapeutic relationship lies the power for an individual to change, no matter how troubled, how traumatized.

Our core values include:

  • compassion

  • unconditional acceptance

  • support and encouragement in a safe environment

The goal is to instill a sense of worth and value by accepting our patients for who they are and celebrating their achievements, noting their individual strengths and acknowledging - in a safe atmosphere - that they do struggle, and we do care.

Our treatment center is a place for hope. It’s a place for new beginnings. A place where you can trust that your precious child will make positive strides to recover from the awful ramifications of trauma: psychiatric, emotional an behavioral problems, addiction, and the list goes on.

*COMPANY* has all of this to offer and more:

  • Your child is in trustworthy hands. We put effort into making sure the campus is a safe and peaceful respite from the stresses of everyday life.

  • Every member of the *COMPANY* campus has their own individually tailored "Person Centered Plan." (PCP) The PCPs offer goals. These are easy to visualize and can be measured; actionable objectives that are simple enough for everyone to strive for.

  • Individual and group therapies are held to help our residents develop crucial insight into what may be causing their behavioral or emotional issues.

  • Family counseling, life skills development and activity therapy all encourage our residents to develop and utilize more functional behaviors.

Suffering from unhappiness brought upon by trauma doesn’t have to happen.

And it does get better. We want to help you.

Won’t you let us join you on your journey?

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